How to Create an Insights Dashboard 

Key Steps to Automating Tedious Reports


Published on July 18, 2019

The simple act of reporting has become cumbersome, time consuming, and clunky. Routinely – often daily – data is collected via piecemeal datasets across different systems. These mundane efforts make up most of the workday, and the more time is wasted on bringing data together, the less time is spent analyzing data for insights. Companies want the smarter, data-driven decisions, not the data itself – but most lack the skill on how to get started digitally transforming the workplace.


Award Solutions works with the world’s best network operators as they deploy, operationalize, and optimize their networks. The technology training programs offered by Award Solutions are designed for specific roles like RF Design, Operations, Sales, and Project Management. But did you know Award Solutions also teaches individuals how to create insight dashboards and automate repetitive, mundane tasks?


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