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    Welcome to Security in 5G Networks

    May 26, 2022 : 11am - 12pm CDT (Dallas)

    How will 5G networks provide the necessary security to trust them with our consumer, business, and government needs? Join our webinar as we walk through this and other questions surrounding 5G security.

    • How is security in 5G networks different than 4G networks?
    • What do 5G networks allow that enables them to be more secure?
    • What are potential attack vectors in 5G networks?
    • How do we mitigate these attacks?
    • How might a 5G network security architecture appear?
    • Q&A


    Introduction to Kubernetes Orchestration

    May 31, 2022 : 2pm - 3pm UK Time (London)

    In this session, you will get a technical introduction to Kubernetes so you are better equipped to understand its possible uses within telco network operations and engineering.


    5G Core Standalone (SA) Network

    Jun 14, 2022 : 2pm - 3pm UK Time (London)

    This webinar provides a high-level overview of the 5G Core Network, service-based architecture and the new cloud-native network functions. This is essential to understand the 5G standalone network deployment and exploit new services like network slicing, MEC, and Voice over NR.


    Beamforming in 5G

    Jul 7, 2022 : 2pm - 3pm UK Time (London)

    In this session, you will learn types of beams in 5G NR and beam management techniques such as beam configuration, beam switching so you're better equipped to configure beamforming parameters and monitor beam performance.


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