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Life of a UE in a 5G NSA Network 

Nov 10, 2021 : 2pm - 3pm UK Time (London)

In this session, you will step through the life of a MR-DC capable 5G UE in your deployed network of 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) network so you are better equipped to operate and monitor performance of your network.


6G Network 

Nov 18, 2021 : 11am - 12pm CST (Dallas)

Our 6G Network Webinar explores the motivation for 6G, performance targets, technology features, and potential use case scenarios. Wireless service providers are deploying 5G services and are looking to meet the emerging needs of 5G and beyond. In addition, the wireless industry is continually looking ahead and has started exploring technologies and services to be supported beyond 5G – e.g. 6G (or beyond 2030).


Private 5G Networks 

Nov 30, 2021 : 11am - 12pm CST (Dallas)

Our Private 5G Network Webinar helps private enterprises unleash the full potential of 5G for various industrial segments. Our webinar guides you through

  1. Enterprise requirements for wireless access
  2. Key building blocks of private 5G network
  3. An end-to-end network architecture
  4. Private 5G network deployment options and use-cases .

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