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      Welcome to 5G SA Operations

      Jan 12, 2023 : 2pm - 3pm UK Time (London)

      Jan 12, 2023 : 3pm - 4pm Sydney Time

      5G Standalone (SA) Operations are the basis of how 5G devices interact with the 5G SA radio and core network to obtain data connectivity and voice services. 5G supports myriad of use cases from consumer devices to factory automation to AR/VR gaming consoles to sensors and cameras in a smart cities. In this webinar, you will be able to answer: 

      • What are the building blocks of 5G Standalone (SA) network?
      • What steps does 5G device take to register and authenticate with a 5G network?
      • How does 5G device obtain data and voice services?
      • What are the unique operations of 5G for new services like network slicing?
      • Q&A


      Welcome to 5G RAN Architecture Evolution to Open RAN

      Jan 26, 2023 : 11am - 12pm CST (Dallas Time)

      The Radio Access Network is one happening place in a wireless network. Changes in the RAN are broadly categorized into three areas: Split RAN, Virtual RAN, and Disaggregated RAN. Our RAN evolution webinar answers questions like: 

      • Why and how are we splitting the RAN? How does that change the RAN architecture?
      • What benefits does virtualization bring to the RAN? Why now?
      • How does the O-RAN Alliance's work change the RAN's architecture?


      Welcome to Open RAN and O-RAN Architecture

      Feb 9, 2023 : 2pm - 3pm UK Time (London)

      To overcome the challenges faced by 4G LTE RAN, the 5G RAN is evolving to a split architecture with elements of virtualization and open RAN. Together, open and virtualized 5G RAN enables larger vendor ecosystem, bringing agility and innovation with reduced total cost of ownership. Join our webinar as we walk you through:

      • Explain the motivation behind Open RAN and key players driving the standardization process
      • Describe the architecture of Open RAN, defined by O-RAN alliance its distinctive capabilities
      • Describe the key capabilities of each functional element in Open RAN and the communication between these elements
      • Provide examples of Open RAN in action


      Network Data Analytics in 5G

      Feb 23, 2023 : 11am - 12 pm CST (Dallas Time)

      5G use cases include enhanced mobile broadband, Internet of Things, smart factories, and smart cities, serving consumers and enterprises alike. This creates a huge amount of data that can be collected, analyzed, and used effectively in real-time and non-real-time using AI/ML algorithms for improving the network, device, and service performance. In this webinar, we will address

      • Network Data Analytics in 5G and the benefits for MNO and 5G devices
      • Use cases of data analytics in 5G
      • The end-to-end architecture of 5G utilizing Data Analytics and roles of NWDAF and related NFs
      • Data collection and analysis in 5G


       5G NSA RAN KPIs and Performance

      Mar 9, 2023 : 2pm - 3pm UK Time (London)

      Mar 9, 2023 : 3pm - 4pm Sydney Time

      In this session, you will identify RAN KPIs for your 5G Network of MeNB and SgNB so you are better equipped to identify RAN performance issues and their signatures, and increase your confidence in addressing issues like Setup Failures, Drop rates, Low throughput, etc


      5G RAN Capacity Planning

      Mar 23, 2023 : 11am - 12 pm CDT (Dallas Time)

      5G systems are designed to provide services to diverse devices and applications like Gigabits per sec data rates, latency in ms for AR/VR apps, ultra-reliability to support mission-critical apps, and millions of wireless devices to connect all sensors on a factory floor. 5G RAN must be engineered to provide sufficient capacity while utilizing the frequency spectrum, a scarce resource. Our webinar is designed to:

      • Cover numerous features of 5G RAN and Air Interface related to capacity
      • Identify the importance of beamforming and massive MIMO for higher capacity
      • Cover calculations for cell capacity as well as the expected throughput at the cell edge
      • Discuss inter-related topics of PRB utilization, spectral efficiency, and capacity headroom


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