MWC19 Encore Event!

Intelligent Connectivity with 5G

Dec 12, 2019 : 1pm - 2pm CST (Dallas)

5G is set enable new applications and devices fueled by faster speeds, lower latency, and flexible delivery models. Not all 5G deployments are equal though. Service providers are considering various frequency spectrum, deployment options and interworking scenarios for 5G deployment. Join this session to learn differentiating features of 5G and complementary concepts of MEC and Network Slicing to get ready for 5G deployment.


MWC19 Encore Event!

Jumpstarting Your Team's Machine Learning Journey

Dec 12, 2019 : 2.30pm - 3.30pm CST (Dallas)

Successful businesses are looking to scale their speed of business with Machine Learning (ML). From engineering to operations, ML has proven to increase efficiency and boost profits. Yet for many organizations, ML initiatives are exclusively driven by small development teams with limited, priority-based resources. Attend this session to learn why you don’t have to rely on experts to leverage the power of ML. Step through a few ML use cases in telecom, learn some tips and techniques to overcome formidable obstacles, as well as some common tools to get started.

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Data Cleaning Overview 

Dec 10, 2019 : 11am - 12pm CST (Dallas)

Attend this automation webinar to learn tips and tricks on how to clean data to perform meaningful analysis. You’ll learn the basic of how to wrangle the data including merging data, data conversion, and how to deal with missing data. Participants will walk through a basic example of the data cleaning phase.


Network Slicing 

Dec 17, 2019 : 11am - 12pm CST (Dallas)

Attend this webinar to gain insights into network slicing, what it is, how it efficiently enables different services in 5G networks, and the architectural changes in 5G required to support it.


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