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      Network Data Analytics in 5G

      Jun 8, 2023 : 3pm - 4pm Sydney Time

      Jun 8, 2023 : 2pm - 3pm UK Time (London)

      5G use cases include enhanced mobile broadband, Internet of Things, smart factories, and smart cities, serving consumers and enterprises alike. This creates a huge amount of data that can be collected, analyzed, and used effectively in real-time and non-real-time using AI/ML algorithms for improving the network, device, and service performance. In this webinar, we will address:

      • Network Data Analytics in 5G and the benefits for MNO and 5G devices
      • Use cases of data analytics in 5G
      • The end-to-end architecture of 5G utilizing Data Analytics and roles of NWDAF and related NFs
      • Data collection and analysis in 5G


      Kubernetes and Orchestration for Telco Cloud

      Jun 22, 2023 : 11am - 12pm CDT (Dallas Time)

      In this session, you will get a technical introduction to Kubernetes, equipping you to understand its possible uses within telco network operations and engineering. Our webinar answers questions like:

      • What is a telco cloud?
      • What are the benefits of cloud-native applications and containers in a telco cloud?
      • When do I need a container orchestrator, and what is the role of Kubernetes?
      • What are the containerized network functions (CNFs) in a 5G network?
      • What open-source tools can I deploy to observe and monitor network apps? 

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