Gain Skills. Gain Knowledge. Get Recognized in 5G.

This 100% online, three-week program is being offer in partnership with the Competitive Carrier Association (CCA) to empower the CCA ecosystem to get prepared for 5G.

Introduction to 5G

The Foundations in 5G Certificate Program leverages Award Solutions' Introduction to 5G Blended Learning Course. This three-week course is 100% online and self-paced, and includes expert-led sessions to answer pressing questions and reinforce concepts. Advance your skills and knowledge in 5G, learn how 5G can transform your business, and gain a competitive edge with industry recognition from CCA. Expect to get answers to questions like:


  • What is 5G? What can it do that 4G cannot?

  • What does a 5G network look like?

  • Why are new capabilities like network slicing and multi-access edge computing so important?

  • What’s different about the 5G air interface and what radio spectrum does it use?

  • When will consumers and businesses be able to use 5G?


Successfully complete the program? 

At the end of the program we'll step you through a review to ensure you mastered the content and are prepared for the end-of-course assessment. Achieve an 80 or higher on the assessment and you will receive a Foundations in 5G Certificate, plus a personalized certificate graphic designed for social media platforms. You'll also get recognized by CCA in print as well as onstage by Steve Berry, President of CCA, should you successfully complete the program prior to the CCA Annual Convention, Sept 16-18 in Rhode Island. 


How does this program differ than other 5G courses?

You set the path, the pace, and focus of your 5G training. Designed in the most effective way for learning and retention, this program includes highly-engaging videos, and articles. Quizzes and exercises show where you should focus your time to ensure mastery of the content. And once your self-directed learning modules are completed, you can take your skills to the next level by participating in live sessions to reinforce concepts. Here are a few of the course features:


  • Choose your own course pace through self-study

  • Stay engaged with videos, articles, chat forums, and more! 

  • Learn 5G in focused, bite-sized chunks

  • Get immediate feedback with quizzes, assignments and discussion boards

  • Get the convenience of on-demand training, plus Q&A in forums and in live, expert-led exercises

  • Receive the Foundations in 5G Certificate and get recognized onstage by Steve Berry, President of CCA at the Annual Convention, Sept 16-18 in Rhode Island.