5G Network Architecture:

This 5G poster showcases the 5G architecture, 5G network functions, 5G signaling and interfaces, interworking with 4G LTE, and more! Hang it in the office or keep it on your laptop as a handy 5G reference.



What to look for in this poster:

4G LTE brought us IP packet-based networks, ethernet backhaul, and the radio access network consolidated into a single node (i.e. eNB). In this next evolution of networks, here are some notable aspects of 5G that you can discover in this poster:

  • 5G's virtualized core network functions, indicated by
  • 4G LTE and 5G interworking
  • Control User Plane Separation (CUPS), indicated by
  • Reference point interfaces


These key 5G architecture changes allow for mission-critical low latency applications and facilitates 5G's higher data rates.

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